FosterCon started a few years ago very humbly as just "Game Day". It actually consisted of a weekend, alternately hosted at the homes of the Foster Brothers in Chatsworth and El Cajon in Southern California. The Foster brothers grew up with a passion for board gaming and later on in life they found themselves living about 160 miles and 3-4 hours apart. Year after year of giving each other gifts of new and vintage board games just couldn't take the place of actually spending serious time together playing them. They knew that if they wanted to continue with their passion, they needed to make a commitment to hosting each other for game weekends. The first two weekends took place a few years back with almost 9 months between them. It became obvious that this was not frequent enough. There were too many great games to play and too little time so the brothers decided that they should try to meet every 4-6 months. This was also the beginning of going beyond the board and hosting miniatures games as well. They also started referring to the game weekends as Game Day. They also realized that they needed to expand their pool of gamers so they started inviting friends to the weekends and even having some days at a friend's home. Over the past two or so years there have been five "official" game weekends. At this point the brothers began to feel that in order to make the hobby grow they would need to share the "Foster experience" of good board and miniatures games with more than just their small circle of friends. The idea of hosting a "convention style" style Game Day and using a larger facility began to take shape. Not only would this allow the brothers to share games with many more but hosting it as a convention would be fun for all. On-line registration was set up which included surveys about game and food interests. The brothers had access to a multi-level facility in El Cajon and set up the floor plan to include a multi-tabled gaming floor, demonstration area and even a museum to showcase their collection of rare and vintage board games. A food court area supplied all the food, drinks and snacks. Somehow the name "Game Day" wasn't fitting for a convention so the name was officially changed to "FosterCon". Even though this was actually the first FosterCon, this was the sixth Foster brothers gaming event so the first convention became FosterCon 6. It was their largest attended gaming event so far with only the sky as the limit from this point on.