The Foster Brothers

The Foster brothers are two generations of brothers that share a passion for the gaming hobby. The first generation Foster brothers grew up in a time without video games and personal computers. If they weren't outside riding bikes or playing baseball, they were inside playing board games and building plastic models. As the years went by they never lost their love of games and plastic models. They later shared these interests with the second generation of Foster brothers and their hobbying family grew. The Foster brothers found that they could add a new dimension to their hobby through miniatures gaming which combined gaming and plastic model building. But as time went by, the opportunities to play became few and far between. This led to the decision to actively set up gaming weekends several times a year which became know as Game Day.
Foster Brothers Games

Foster Brothers Games is the culmination of years of hobbying and a desire to create and share the best gaming experience with others. As the brothers continued their hobby weekends known as Game Day, they began to invite their friends to join in on the fun. As their hobby group expanded, they realized that in order to make their hobby grow, they needed to expand beyond their friends and family. The desire to make their hobby their profession also started growing. This resulted in the creation of Foster Brothers Games and the formalization of the gaming weekends into a convention style experience known as Foster Con. The Foster brothers interest in sharing the gaming experience doesn't stop there. They are also in the process of developing original gaming projects and accessories and will soon be opening a retail website. Looking towards the future, their ultimate dream is to open a retail outlet and gaming center in their community.